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EisnerAmper Named “Best North American Accounting Firm” by Hedgeweek for Second Consecutive Year

EisnerAmper wins Best North American Accounting Firm by Hedgeweek

Hedgeweek, one of the hedge fund industry’s leading publications in the United States, announced that EisnerAmper LLP, the US member of EisnerAmper Global, was voted the “Best North American Accounting Firm,” jointly with another firm, at its 2018 Hedgeweek USA Awards gala in New York City on September 20. The winners were decided by Hedgeweek readers, who include investors, managers and other leading industry professionals.

Peter J. Cogan, Co-Chair of EisnerAmper’s US Financial Services Group said “We’re honoured to be named by Hedgeweek as the ‘Best North American Accounting Firm’ two years running. This award is for all of those financial service professionals at our firm who strive for client service excellence day in and day out.”

At EisnerAmper, we design business & compliance solutions to make your regulated business model better.

We help Alternative Investment & Private Equity Fund Managers and Fund Administrators meet their assurance and reporting requirements. If you or your business need assistance in this regard, please contact Ray Kelly.

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EisnerAmper London Hosts Official Launch Event

EisnerAmper London hosts official launch event Image

EisnerAmper hosted its London Office Inauguration event at The Conduit in Mayfair, London on Tuesday 9 October, 2018. Over 200 financial services executives and key professionals within the asset management industry attended the event. 

It was an exciting evening that featured guest speaker, Mark Littlewood, Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs. EisnerAmper US CEO Charles Weinstein and the head of EisnerAmper’s London office Robert Mirsky also spoke at the event.

EisnerAmper London official launch event Robert Mirsky Image

Robert Mirksy addressing the crowd at EisnerAmper’s London launch

EisnerAmper London official launch event speaker Image

Mark Littlewood speaking at EisnerAmper’s London launch event

EisnerAmper London official launch event Charles Weinstein Image

Charles Weinstein at EisnerAmper’s London launch

EisnerAmper London official launch event Image

At EisnerAmper, we design and deliver business and compliance solutions to make your regulated business model better.

We help Alternative Investment & Private Equity Fund Managers and Fund Administrators meet their assurance and reporting requirements. For UK fund queries, please contact Robert Mirsky. For Irish fund queries, contact Ray Kelly

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Gavin Lee appointed as Head of International Trade at EisnerAmper Ireland


We are delighted to announce the appointment of Gavin Lee as Head of International Trade in EisnerAmper Ireland.  As Head of International Trade, Gavin’s role is to work closely with our EisnerAmper Global colleagues to help our clients “Make Trade Happen”.  Leveraging his first-hand experience of developing and conducting business in more than 40 countries worldwide, with specialist EMEA market knowledge, Gavin will help companies do business in Europe using Ireland as a base.

Gavin brings with him 20+ years senior management experience in the financial services, telecommunications and life sciences sectors.  Prior to joining EisnerAmper Ireland, Gavin worked with Digicel, Davy, Bimeda and Forte Healthcare, most recently as Country Manager.

At EisnerAmper, we design business & compliance solutions to make trade happen.

Helping companies do business in Ireland and Europe is what we do every day – audit, tax, advisory, risk & regulatory and outsourcing. In this regard, if we can assist you or your business in any way, please contact Gavin Lee.

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EisnerAmper hosts annual Partner Conference 2018 in the US

On 1 to 3 June 2018, EisnerAmper United States hosted its annual Partner Conference for 2018 in Virginia, U.S.

The event was attended by 200 Partners and was a great opportunity for EisnerAmper Global colleagues from the United States, Ireland, Cayman and Singapore to connect over a weekend of activities.


Diarmaid O’Keeffe, EisnerAmper Ireland, Ray Kelly, EisnerAmper Ireland, Ben Leung, EisnerAmper Cayman and Alastair MacDonald, EisnerAmper Ireland at the EisnerAmper US Partner Conference in Virginia.

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EisnerAmper LLP Receives 2018 Private Equity Wire Global Award for “Best Fund Accounting Firm”

The Private Equity Wire—a leading publication serving institutional investors/wealth managers and their investment managers/advisors across all asset classes—has named EisnerAmper LLP its 2018 “Best Fund Accounting Firm” at the Annual Private Equity Wire Awards in London. The Annual PE Wire Awards recognizes excellence among private equity managers and service providers around the world based on responses from private equity professionals.

“We’re thrilled to have won Private Equity Wire’s 2018 ‘Best Fund Accounting Firm Award’,” said Nicholas Tsafos, Director and Chairman of the Board of EisnerAmper Global. “There’s no better acknowledgment of our team’s painstaking efforts than winning this award based on service excellence from one’s clients and peers.”

Pictured below: Nick Tsafos, Partner and Chairman of EisnerAmper Global, accepting the award from James Williams of PE Wire.

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EisnerAmper Global board meet in the United States

On Thursday 18 January, the board of EisnerAmper Global (“EAG”) met in the New York area for the first Board Meeting of 2018.  The meeting was attended by five directors of EisnerAmper Global; Nick Tsafos and Peter Cogan, Partners at EisnerAmper US, Frank Keane, Partner at EisnerAmper Ireland, Ben Leung, Managing Partner at EisnerAmper Cayman and Saw Meng Tee, Managing Partner at EisnerAmper Singapore.

Members of the board discussed the future of the EAG network as well as recent developments such as the addition of EisnerAmper Singapore as a member.  The meeting was a great opportunity for EisnerAmper Global members to catch-up and also meet many of the Partners in EisnerAmper US, including CEO of EisnerAmper LLP (US) Charly Weinstein.


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EisnerAmper Singapore joins EisnerAmper Global network

EisnerAmper Global is delighted to welcome EisnerAmper Singapore as its newest member firm.  EisnerAmper Global is a specialist network of independent member firms operating in key financial services and international trading hubs.  EisnerAmper Global member firms provide clients with access to the expertise of 200 partners and 2,000 professionals globally, with office locations including New York, Miami, San Francisco, Cayman, Dublin and Singapore.

EisnerAmper Singapore, formerly Saw Meng Tee & Partners PAC, provides specialist accounting, advisory, outsourcing and risk & regulatory services to international and domestic clients operating in Singapore and across Asia.  At EisnerAmper Singapore’s launch, Managing Partner Saw Meng Tee noted that EisnerAmper Singapore’s vision is to be “recognised as one of Singapore’s leading professional services firms in the specialist areas of financial services, corporate solutions and advisory”.  EisnerAmper Global Firm’s and Saw Meng Tee & Partners PAC have been working closely together over the past 18 months to further develop existing ties between the network and Singapore.

For further queries, please contact Saw Meng Tee, Managing Partner at EisnerAmper Singapore or visit the EisnerAmper Singapore website.


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EisnerAmper LLP is awarded Best Global Accounting Firm

EisnerAmper LLP was named Best Global Accounting Firm in the 2017 Global Service Provider Awards Survey conducted for Hedgeweek Global.  The Global Service Provider Awards are amongst the hedge fund industry’s most prestigious and competitive awards and are based on a rigorous peer review survey of Hedgeweek’s readers, which includes a global audience of investors, fund managers and industry service providers.

The high profile awards ceremony took place in London on Friday 3 March 2017 and Charles Weinstein, EisnerAmper LLP’s Chief Executive Officer, Nicholas Tsafos and Peter Cogan, Audit Partners in EisnerAmper LLP and Directors of EisnerAmper Global, attended attended the event alongside Alastair Mac Donald, Managing Partner at EisnerAmper Ireland and Director of EisnerAmper Global, and Diarmaid O’Keeffe and Ray Kelly, Partners at EisnerAmper Ireland.

Charles Weinstein, EisnerAmper LLP’s Chief Executive Officer, said that EisnerAmper LLP was honoured to be receiving the award and to being recognised as the preeminent accounting and advisory firm in the alternative investment marketplace.

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EisnerAmper Ireland attends DLD Tel Aviv Conference

Cormac Doyle, Tax Partner in EisnerAmper Ireland, visited Tel Aviv in October as part of an Irish delegation who attended the DLD Tel Aviv Conference (  Cormac joined others from the IDA, Bank of Ireland, Philip Lee solicitors, Stelfox, and EisnerAmper LLP on the trip.  The trip was an opportunity to meet with companies and their advisors in Israel and to promote the benefits of Ireland as a Gateway to Europe.

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EisnerAmper Ireland: Doing business in Europe post Brexit

On 23 June 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union leading to significant political instability and economic volatility:

  • the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced his resignation on the morning of 24 June, and was quickly replaced as Prime Minister by Theresa May, while Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader, is under mounting pressure to resign his leadership of the party;
  • international stockmarkets and currency exchange rates experienced significant volatility and the UK lost its AAA credit rating from ratings agency S&P while Fitch lowered its UK rating from AA+ to AA.

Now that the UK has voted to leave the EU, there are many political matters that will require decision-making and negotiation at a European Union and UK level. How long it might take, what form it might take and what the end result might be is at this point unknown.  However, as the withdrawal mechanism in Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty will take at least 2 years from the date of formal notification to the European Council, despite the uncertainty business will continue, as usual, on a day-to-day basis.

Download the full guide: EisnerAmper Ireland – Brexit Guide (pdf).

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